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Being super human

I give you permission to be the best of who you can be

Let’s get something straight! You don’t need permission from me, but sometimes anyone can change your train of thought or even get you back on track to achieving those life and business goals sooner, rather than later. Lately, I’m on a mission to improve my life in certain areas. To be a better business person, […]

Is your business losing?

How much would your business lose if they took away social media?

Think about that question for a moment! Still thinking? If you didn’t have a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile, would it really matter to your revenue? I know a lot of businesses aren’t making or saving money from using social media. That means they are losing money because they’re wasting valuable marketing and business time. […]

Top 5 Books of 2014

My Top 5 Books I Read in 2014 [GIVEAWAY]

“I don’t see the point of reading all these self-help books,” my friend said. Me, “I like learning.” “But it’s all common sense, you already know the answer,” my friend explained. Me, “Common sense isn’t that common and if I learn just one new thing from each book, isn’t it worth it?” My friend says, […]

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